List of Loan Apps in Nigeria Fully Approved by the CBN to Issue Loans Updated 2023

Loan companies to get personal loan.

List of Loan Apps in Nigeria

Searching for the best loan apps in Nigeria? On this page, we have highlighted a list of loan apps in Nigeria that have met the CBN policy and are duly approved to give out loans in Nigeria. Note that not all loan apps in Nigeria have been authorized in Nigeria to issue loans to the public.

According to proper research by our team, about 170 loan apps have been fully approved to give out loans in Nigeria. Other than the loan apps listed on this page, avoid trying to borrow money from other loan applications to stay clear of scams.

Are you interested in seeing the full list of approved loan apps in Nigeria? Then this article is for you. On this page, we have highlighted all the approved loan apps by the CBN to issue loans to Nigerians. Below is the full list of approved loan apps in Nigeria.

Full List of Approved Loan Apps in Nigeria

Alright, its time to list out the federal government-approved loan apps in Nigeria.

  • Sycamore integrated solutions limited
  • Trade Depot
  • Tajow investment
  • Blue ridge microfinance bank limited
  • Grolatech Credit Limited
  • P2vest technology limited
  • Creditwave finance limited
  • Keenest tech service limited
  • Fairmoney microfinance bank
  • Altracred finance investment limited
  • Crevance credit limited
  • Menacred company limited
  • Afrowide development ltd
  • Red Planet Nigeria Limited
  • Afrofirst Mobile and technology company limited
  • Rankcapital limited
  • Ibs golden investment company limited
  • Lendvisery services limited
  • Renmoney microfinance bank limited
  • Swipebill technologies nigeria limited
  • Hometown fintech limited
  • Giasun technology nigeria limited
  • Be resources limited
  • Rockit lenders nigeria limited
  • Pivo technology limied
  • Yes credit company limited
  • Irorun technologies limited
  • Csense limited
  • Supreme help cooperative society limited
  • Orcom and orcom bussiness suport limited
  • Payhippo limited.
  • Easycheck finance investment limited
  • Quark financial Nigeria limited
  • Edmond solutions company limited
  • Ted rocket limited
  • Penaid limited
  • Arve limited
  • Dover credit limited
  • Ragekay global investment limited
  • Maywood lending limited
  • Linkpark technology nigeria limited
  • Mangnet lending limited
  • Rubystar global limited
  • Bestfin nigeria limited
  • Fubri century company limited
  • Berly spring global limited
  • Rock financials limited
  • Phoenix payment solution limited
  • Value driver technology solution limited
  • Nextpayday limited
  • Blackcopper service limited
  • Trafalgar associate limited
  • Windville financial nigeria limited
  • Orange loan & purple credit limited
  • Carbon microfinance bank limited
  • Neo-link technology company limited
  • Finnew fintech limited
  • Otp internet technology limited
  • Red harbor fintech limited
  • Paylater hub limited
  • Skitloan nigeria limited
  • Raceova nig. Limited
  • New credage nigeria limited
  • Betterlending company limited
  • Fast-point intergrated limited
  • Apex lending limited
  • Piska tech nigeria limited
  • Princep credit system limited
  • Omalend service limited
  • Pockful finance limited
  • Highcredit nigeria limited
  • Hollandale nigeria limited
  • Pay financial technology service limited
  • A1 capital solution limited
  • Newedge finance limited
  • Papichou technology limited
  • Goharvest international limited
  • Mino sparks limited
  • Xgo finance limited
  • Primera microfinance bank
  • Credit tech lending company
  • Prosperity archipelago limited
  • Finesest limited
  • Singularity technology nigeria ltd
  • Econ mart fintech limited
  • Pennee technologies limited
  • Oxymon solution limited
  • Lantana technology limited
  • Applink capital nigeria limited
  • Yegon tech limited
  • Fezotech nigeria limited
  • Eric vsta limited
  • Moblaspay company limited
  • Paycredit limited
  • Niz services limited
  • Mino sparks limited
  • Flo wood lending
  • Liberty assured limited
  • Uni technology nigeria ltd
  • Trade lenda com limited
  • Creditville microfinance bank ltd
  • Letshego microfinance bank ltd
  • Kiowope capital limited
  • Veendhq limited
  • Ucplus advance limited
  • Maven finance limited
  • Aella financial solutions limited
  • Fluna capital limited
  • Newedge finance limited
  • Ta prime limited
  • Regxta global service ltd
  • Provest limited
  • Jm rubinus limited
  • Crossroads e-payment systems limited
  • Consynergy limited
  • Fintcred innovation limited
  • Afrosay fintech limited
  • Mim finance company

Meanwhile, there is another list of loan apps with pending approvals. These loan apps are still passing through the stages for approval and this page will be updated as soon as either of them gets approval.

List of Loan Apps in Nigeria with Pending Approval

The below listed loan companies or loan apps have not yet been approved by the CBN to issue out loans to the people of Nigeria.

  • Tripodbase limited
  • Owoafara fintech service
  • Ajax lending limited
  • The platform digital network limited
  • Zippy capital limited
  • Lending edge limited
  • Lendha technologies limited
  • Doja lemaire global limited
  • Paydayhub online nigeria limited
  • Retail booster limited
  • Citadele capitals limited
  • Fewchore finance company limited
  • One payout limited
  • Lidya global limited
  • Kwaba international limited
  • Finpadi technologies limited
  • Umba digital solutions limited
  • Fintrade solutions limited
  • U technology
  • Stellar finance limited
  • Dash innovations
  • Grit-tech limited
  • Caelum technologies limited
  • U thinking nigeria limited
  • Eaton hill investment limited
  • Creditpro business support services ltd
  • Muska tech limited
  • Helppo africa limited
  • Renners investment limited
  • Pebble financial tech. Limited
  • Kiakia bits limited
  • Wealthbridge capital partners limited
  • Trivista capital limited
  • Atimi lending ltd
  • Zuvy technologies limited
  • Rockshield microfinance
  • Dot microfinance bank limited
  • Allawee technologies limited
  • Lucred technology limited
  • Nolt finance limited
  • Soko lending limited
  • Citygate global investment limited
  • Olivermead investment limited
  • Lighting finance technology nigeria limited
  • Meno finance limited
  • Hoil investment limited.
  • Kiredi rock company ltd
  • Glosh tech limited
  • Clemo fresh co. Ltd
  • Passeco technology nig. Ltd
  • Trust cen limited
  • Riverbank partners limited
  • Prime avis investment services limited
  • Riverbrand technology limited

What is the best app to borrow money in Nigeria?

What exactly are the best loan apps to borrow money in Nigeria? Actually, there is no best loan app in Nigeria, but it is duly recommended that you borrow money from registered companies and loan apps in Nigeria.

This is to make sure that while you fill out the loan application form, you do not submit relevant and sensitive information to scammers who are out there scouting for victims. One truth is that most loan companies or loan apps in Nigeria will demand your BVN before issuing out loans. This is to enable them to secure their money and profits as well.

Still need the best loan app to borrow money from? Then try the loan companies and apps listed above under the list of approved loan apps in Nigeria.

Which loan apps are legal in Nigeria?

Of course, there are illegal loan apps in Nigeria and you have to avoid them. To ensure that you don’t borrow money from illegal apps, check out the list of approved loan apps in Nigeria. Loan apps and companies we have listed here are recommended for you to borrow money from.

Can a loan app block my BVN in Nigeria?

Yes, only approved loan apps in Nigeria can blacklist your BVN as the CBN has given approved loan apps in Nigeria the authority to blaclist BVN of any customer that have breached their respective loan contracts.

How can I stop loan app harassment in Nigeria?

Have you been harassed by a loan company in Nigeria? Do you wish to stop it? The best advice is to seek legal advice from a legal luminary or tender a report or complaint to relevant authorities in Nigeria.

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